Candidates for NLHI Fellowships 2023

The NLHI endorses talent by providing a grant for talented researchers with the possibility to work at a foreign, internationally recognized institute for up to a year. The idea behind the fellowships is for young people to both develop themselves and to bring skills and knowledge back to Dutch hospitals. The fellowship program is supported by the Foundation Friends of Cardiology (Vrienden van de Cardiologie).

The jury consists of the NLHI board who invites applicants to present their proposal during the Annual Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting. The public of the meeting has the final vote.

We enthusiastically announce the candidates for 2023:

  • Leadless pacemakers: long-term outcomes and novel applications in order to minimize the burden of pacemaker-related complications (Karel Breeman, Amsterdam UMC)
  • ASSAY; Automated Stratification Scoring Analysis in Patient-derived cardiomYocytes
    (Renee Maas, UMC Utrecht)
  • Artificial intelligence to support risk stratification and clinical decision making in patients with obstructive coronary artery disease (Mitchel Molenaar, Amsterdam UMC)

Candidates will present their proposal on Thursday. The awarding session is on Friday.