The NLHI NVVC Einthoven Dissertation prizes will be awarded June 23rd 2023

During the 7th Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting on June 23rd, the NLHI NVVC Einthoven Dissertation prizes will be awarded. Anyone who got his/her doctoral degree in 2022 in the Netherlands on a cardiovascular topic could compete for this prize. 

The jury has selected the following 3 candidates:

  • Aernoud Fiolet: ‘Colchicine in Coronary Disease. Using the available to enable the sustainable’
  • Michiel Henkens: ‘Improving diagnosis and risk stratification of cardiomyopathies across the ejection fraction spectrum – The past, present and future’
  • Jorit Lemkes: ‘Timing of coronary angiography in acute coronary syndromes – The TRANSIENT and COACT trial’ 

Candidates will present their thesis on Friday June 23rd in the morningsession (8.45 – 9.25 hrs) . The awarding session is on Friday in the afternoon during the Closing Session (start 16.15 hrs).